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Welcome to Arbora Medical Spa, Eugene’s premier destination for rejuvenating skincare treatments and advanced aesthetic services. Located within the warm and inviting Spruce Beauty Bar, our medical spa offers a tranquil escape where clients can connect and indulge in an unparalleled pampering experience. Spruce’s owner, Caitlyn, envisioned a space that fosters a strong sense of community among beauty professionals and clients, and Arbora Medical Spa is a testament to that vision.

Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and promoting a sense of well-being through a comprehensive range of services, including innovative skincare treatments, advanced laser therapies, and cutting-edge aesthetic procedures. While visiting Spruce Beauty Bar, you’ll have the opportunity to explore additional beauty services such as hairstyling and nail artistry, making it the perfect one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Join us at Arbora Medical Spa and experience the finest skincare and aesthetic treatments Eugene has to offer, all within the nurturing environment of Spruce Beauty Bar. We look forward to pampering you and helping you reveal your most radiant self.

Meet the staff

Meet the People who make up the Arbora Team


Lisa Hernandez

Medical Director
Licensed Independent Practitioner
Advanced Practice Aesthetic Nurse

About Lisa

Elisabeth Hernandez is the nurse who started Arbora Collective, a boutique medical spa in Eugene, Oregon, in September 2022. She started the spa after finding it to be a healthcare specialty she was passionate about. She set out to provide a medical spa that is welcoming to all with a focus on education and treatment plans. She also began a mentorship program for nurses looking to transition into aesthetics. Her mission is to provide the best evidence-based aesthetic care that provides natural results and helps people age gracefully with confidence.

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About Emily

My goal is to help my clients achieve their desired outcomes while also educating them about the various treatment options available. I believe that an informed client is a happy client, and I take the time to explain every step of the process and answer any questions they may have. By doing so, I empower my clients to make informed decisions about their care.

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, reduce signs of aging, or simply relax and unwind, I am here to help. With my expertise and dedication to personalized care, I am confident that I can provide you with the results you desire.


Emily Baarstad

Business Manager
Advanced Medical Aesthetician

Emily Crigler

Emilie Crigler, MA

Medical Assistant

About Emilie

We are thrilled to welcome Emilie Crigler, MA, as the latest addition to our esteemed Arbora team. Emilie is not just a Medical Assistant; she is also the first participant in our upcoming Injection Specialist Mentorship Program. 

Emilie’s journey into the world of medical aesthetics was inspired by her personal experiences with treatments that seamlessly blended artistry and professionalism in the treatment room. Upon meeting Lisa and Emily at Arbora, she was captivated by the commitment to excellence and knew she wanted to carve her path in the medical aesthetic field. This determination led her to pursue her Medical Assistant certification and embark on training under Lisa to become an injection specialist. 

Emilie comes to us with a rich background as a dedicated entrepreneur, where she managed a diverse range of responsibilities, from intricate communication channels to fostering robust client connections. Her expertise extends to detailed sales processes and effective inventory management, showcasing a commitment to excellence that aligns perfectly with Arbora’s values. 

As Emilie embarks on her mentorship at Arbora, her goals reflect a profound passion for skincare and a unique perspective on injectables. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is driven to contribute to the success of medical spas in Eugene’s thriving business landscape. Emilie is eager to be a catalyst for growth and make a positive impact, embodying the spirit of innovation and dedication that defines Arbora Medical Spa. 

We invite you to join us in welcoming Emilie Crigler to our team and look forward to the positive contributions she will bring to the Arbora experience. 

Behind the Name

The symbolism of the Arbor Tree (El Cenador) in Mexican Culture

Bienvenidos a el Collectivo Arbora en Eugene.

Welcome to Arbora Collective Medical Spa.

In the Mexican Culture, many of earth’s creations symbolize the strength that our peoples hone and demonstrate to be important among the family and community. It is this strength that continues to carry families on from generation to generation, as evident in El Cenador (the Arbor Tree).

El Cenador, symbolizes deep rooted origins.  These origins move through the family and community to honor building a strong foundation in support and celebration of one another; to honor our achievements, our growth, and provide the strength to face difficulties with the spiritual energy of our ancestors within us.

The trunk illustrates the energy exerted to bring creation into this human world and exemplifies the strength of the Matriarchal line setting free the creation to branch into existence. The branch continues to carry the family line. It nurtures the present generation and gains the wisdom of our elders while growing spiritually closer to the cardinal directions of the earth (north, south, east, west and center) and afterlife where we continue to provide the matriarchal foundation for generations to come.

Arbora came to fruition through the story of El Cenador (the Arbor Tree) once told by the Matriarch of the Canelo Family, Carlota. Arbor for the strength she gave her family, specifically my mother Magdalena, to overcome the cultural differences faced in the new world; the strength to challenge this world and make change for future generations to come. The “a” in Arbora for her loving memory and the ending vowel of her name and of every woman in our family, but not the ending to her story.

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