The first and only hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable indicated to improve cheek skin smoothness.

Lasting Glow*

The newest innovation for skin quality is finally here! SKINVIVETM by JUVÉDERM® is the first and only hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable treatment to improve skin smoothness of the cheeks. SKINVIVE

SKINVIVETM by JUVÉDERM® improves skin quality by smoothing the skin and increasing hydration—approved for use in all skin tones. Patients treated with SKINVIVETM by JUVÉDERM® reported satisfaction with how glowing, hydrated, refreshed, and healthy their skin looked compared to their skin before treatment. Treatment typically does not disrupt daily activities and provides results over the course of 6 months without requiring a series of treatments.

*Lasts 6 months with optimal treatment. Glow was reported by patients using a validated questionnaire that included satisfaction with how radiant their skin looked. Actual patient. Results may vary.

What to Expect

What to expect in treatment

 This treatment begins with 15-20 minutes of numbing with a topical cream. Then SKINVIVE will be injected along the treatment area to infuse the skin with the hydrating hyaluronic acid micro droplet. 

What to expect after treatment

The treatment area will have a protective ointment applied to protect the skin. There may be minor bumps along at the injection sites while the product dissipates into the skin layer. These will fade within 24-48 hours. There may be minor redness during this time as well.  

When will I see the results? 

The full result of the treatment takes 1-4 weeks to fully be noticed, but you may begin to see plumping in the area within 1 week. 

Am I a good candidate for this treatment? 

While almost anyone can benefit from this treatment, this is especially beneficial for anyone looking to plump up the treatment area to increase natural glow, refresh their skin, or accentuate their cheeks.  

Price for 1 treatment: $800

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